_4SA1254.jpg_4SA1257.jpg_4SA1262.jpg_4SA1264.jpg_4SA1281.jpg_4SA1148.jpg_42B2683.jpg_42B2685.jpg_42B5368.jpg_D8A5637.jpg_D8A5770.jpg_D8A5796.jpg_D8A5799.jpg_D8A5802.jpg_D8A6083.jpg_D8A6100.jpg_D8A6265.jpg_42B1980.jpg_42B1982.jpg_42B2005.jpg_42B2007.jpg_42B2089.jpg_42A9689_1.jpg_42A9693.jpg_42A9699.jpg_42A9746.jpg_42A9770.jpg_42A9776.jpg_42A9784.jpg_42A9604.jpg_42A9607.jpg_42A9612.jpg_42A9643.jpgBald Eagle closeupBald Eagle V85Bald EagleBald EagleLady Bald EagleBald EagleBald EagleBald EagleBald EagleLubec Harbor Bald EagleHoly MackerelHere I ComeWhere are the fish?landing Gear DownPerch ApproachLubec harbor Eagle landingAh! I made itI think I see a fishFull Speed AheadBald Eagle with FishEagle EyeBald Eagle coming in for fishBald Eagle with LunchEagle Bringing fish to EagletsEagle with Eaglets on nestBald Eagle preparing to catch fishBald Eagle Catching fishBald Eagle with FishBald Eagles fighting over fishEagle in FlightBald Eagle LandingBald Eagle in flightPerched Bald EagleScolding Bald EaglePerched Bald EagleBald Eagle on PerchBald Eagle on PerchBald Eagle lift-off with fishPerched Bald EaglePerched Bald EagleBald EagleScolding Bald Eagle in FlightScolding Bald Eagle in FlightBald Eagle LandingPerched Bald EagleBald Eagle Fishing Sequence 1Bald Eagle Fishing Sequence 2Bald Eagle Fishing Sequence 3Bald Eagle Flying Portrait with fishImmature Bald Eagle flying portraitBald Eagle landing with fishBald Eagle in FlightBald Eagle Perched Bald EaglePerched Bald EagleReflected Bald Eagle in FlightBald EagleBald Eagle in FlightBald Eagle Preening 1Bald Eagle Preening 2Bald Eagle PerchedPerched Bald EagleBald Eagle Bald EagleBald Eagle Pair perchedBald Eagle Bald EagleBald EagleBald Eagle backlitBald Eagle liftoff with fish 2Bald Eagle with fishBald Eagle in flight PortraitBald Eagle Bald Eagle